Santa Ana Nichi, Mexico | 2019

Santa Ana Nichi, Mexico

Santa Ana Nichi, Mexico


in 2019, UTF visited Santa Ana Nichi, located just two hours outside of Mexico City. The town with a population of nearly 2,200 people, lacks resources such as electricity, clean running water, paved roads and developed schools. Our visit, took us to one of the few schools called, SEP Prescoloar Comunitaria Agustin De Iturbide. The director of the primary school has to travel 4 hours just to make it to school and teach the 13 students that attend the school.

The school organized a civics day event as a reception for us where they performed traditional dances, poems, and plays. The traditional dialects native to the Mazahua people could be heard being spoken by one of the few indigenous groups left from the region. Students and their families were gifted Luci lights, the solar powered lights made by our partner MPOWERD as well as soccer cleats, balls, uniforms, and more!

Our visit to Mexico, like the rest of our trips, served as a reminder to us what UTF is about. To unite and empower children and their families, through the culture of the beautiful game.