Mbaya, Republic of Congo | 2018

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August 30th, 2018

We boarded our plane from Logan International Airport in Boston, MA to Brazzavile, Republic of the Congo. Our journey would take us on a 15 hour flight and 700 KM, 20 hour drive through the jungle to reach Mbaya, a tiny village just south of the border of Gabon. We gave children over 125 pairs of cleats, over 80 uniforms, over 50 soccer balls, water bottles, medals, lots and lots of jolly ranchers and with the help of MPOWERD, we were able to give over 250 Solar powered lights to the widows of 8 local villages. We hope to inspire children around the world by allowing them the opportunity to dream. The game has given us everything, and we aspire to give it back to those whom need it most.

In remote areas such as these where electricity doesn’t exist, the luxury of light is one forgotten. The gift of light allows us to impact whole communities by making their every day lives safer and easier. We are truly humbled by the people of MPOWERD for working with us on this project to change lives.

We continue to raise funds to help bring a teacher to the village of Mbaya which hosts the only school for 50KM. With 5,500$ a year, we can hire a teacher as well as purchase books and supplies to educate the beautiful children of the local villages.

If you would like to help, follow the donation tab at the top of the page and make a difference in lives of children all around the world.



Luci Lights | MPowerd

Luci Lights | MPowerd